COVID-19 Statement

Covid-19 is affecting us all and we would like our customers to know that we are doing our very best to ensure you still have heating and hot water.

In line with the current government guidelines we have introduced steps to protect our customers and staff.

We will of course continue to deal with emergencies as quickly and efficiently as possible and as always we will prioritise our most vulnerable customers.

You can reach us at 01324 619500 or through social media and e-mail

How are Heat secured keeping you and our engineers safe during a visit?

We ask that you inform us if:

You or anyone at your home have been diagnosed with Covid-19.

If you or anyone at your home have been self isolating.

If your answer is ‘yes’ to any of the above, we will discuss the situation with you to determine your need for an engineer’s visit before deciding the appropriate action to take next.

Procedure for home visits.

Our engineers have all been supplied with protective equipment including, hand sanitizer, gloves and face masks. Our engineer will sanitize their hands before, during and after entering your home.

To protect you, your family members, our engineers, their family members and other customers our engineer will maintain a safe distance while at your home. Can we please kindly ask that you and your family practice safe social distancing by staying at least 2m away from our engineer.

Can we politely ask that you clean the area our engineer will be working prior to our visit.

Please rest assured Heat Secured are fully committed to following official health advice and working with our industry bodies to look after and provide a service for all our customers during this unprecedented time. Thank you and stay safe.